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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's Some Of The Most Asked Questions & The Answers

We setup everything up within 72 hours of your order as long as we do not run into any issues.
We recommend running the latest version. However, if you wish to run an earlier version that is supported by WHMCS, we will run that as well.
7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, & 8.1
Yes, contact us and we will send your login information.
Yes. The development instance is behind a basic authentication as well due to licensing requirements by WHMCS for no pubic access.
Any configurations that WHMCS support, we will support as well. We will only configure your recommend provider.
Yes as long as the locations are available.
No, cPanel/WHM can be intensive. We use a free lightweight control panel that uses less resources.
Yes! However, pricing will differ. There is a $125/mo management fee for servers that are not on our network, and it depends on what control panel, if any, you are using.
CloudFlare is used for the base SSL then we install Lets Encrypt & enable Full mode within CloudFlare.